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  • The Worst Play

    I knew the play wasn’t going to go well, but I couldn’t stay away. Frankie was going to fail and I had to see it. He had been raving about the screenwriting when everyone else told me how terrible it actually was. I knew I should warn him what the critics were going to say,…

  • Big Time

    PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot  The table and stools appeared overnight and the graffiti came even quicker. As my neighbors complained about the sight, I knew I had finally arrived. I knew where my stage was and I knew what my calling was. And I finally had the perfect opportunity to show everyone what my…

  • Singing Stones

    The singing stones greeted me like an old friend  I looked for them every day  As I knew they looked for me  Their steadiness soothed me  Helped me  Calmed me  Every time I heard the   Singing stones  I was fortified  My strength returned  My eyes opened  I was home