Standing Room Only

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Big Time

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot 

The table and stools appeared overnight and the graffiti came even quicker. As my neighbors complained about the sight, I knew I had finally arrived. I knew where my stage was and I knew what my calling was. And I finally had the perfect opportunity to show everyone what my talent was. I wasn’t expecting my simultaneous singing and painting to be such a big hit. The day my stage was destroyed was the day I knew I needed to take my show on the road. I knew I had made it the day my mother finally saw my show. 

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6 responses to “Big Time”

  1. That’s a very clever take on the prompt! Nice work!


  2. Michael Humphris Avatar
    Michael Humphris

    Yes this was an interesting use of the picture


  3. From delinquent to celebrity that a mother can be proud of. You can’t ask for much more than that. Enjoyable read.


  4. I wonder if the neighbours complained about the ‘performance’ or about the concept 🤔


  5. Well done. A nicely composed story and enjoyable read.


  6. Excellent take on the prompt 🙂


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