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Quick Obsession

All it took was a look before I became immediately obsessed.  I knew I would need to move – to leave to make sure I got what I wanted.  The first thing I knew I needed to do was to start paring down the number of objects I knew I would need.  There were clothes I hadn’t worn and books I had never read and I began to wonder what the point was. 

I had big plans and I had ideas on how to get there.  To become the artist I wanted to be, I knew I needed to limit my distractions.  What I really wanted to do was to become an author and an artist and knew I would really need to buckle down to become both.  Somewhere along the line, the idea of living in a studio became synonymous with being a successful creative. 

I didn’t really care if it was a studio apartment or a legitimate art studio.  I knew that whatever avenue I took, my possessions could not make the trip.  Getting rid of my clothes wasn’t that big of a deal since most of them were bought several years before and most came from the local thrift shop.  Getting rid of you was another story.  I thought I had wanted you to be in my life forever, but everything changed when I became obsessed with was the view of the NYC skyline.  And I would do whatever it took to keep that skyline in my life.   

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Moon and Stars

I often looked to the sky for the answers to all my problems.  The sky – the moon, the stars and even the sun – were the few things constant in my life.  My mom and I had always had a rocky relationship and the day I went to college was the day it ended.  When I moved into the dorms and out of our apartment, I hadn’t realized our lease had been about to expire.   

My mom told me a few weeks before she had renewed the lease so I didn’t think any more about it.  Two weeks later, I got a call from the landlord about picking up the remaining furniture.  If it stayed much longer, he was going to donate whatever was left.  When I dialed my mom’s phone number, the only answer I got an automated message telling me her number was no longer in service. 

“Maybe she just forgot to pay the bill this month,” I said out loud, all the time knowing it was the only bill she wouldn’t forget.  When I finally made it out of class, I frantically drove the hour home wondering what I would find. 

The landlord laid it all out for me when my key wouldn’t work in the lock on our apartment.  My mother had moved out two days after I did and had left no forwarding address or phone number.  Just disappeared from my life.  Sadly, I had never been so happy to get someone out of my life. 

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“I’ll be back shortly,” Mr. Jones said as he walked out the classroom door.  The entire class watched as our History teacher walked out of the classroom.  No reason, no explanation, just walked out into the hallway of our tiny high school.  Even with lockers lining the hallway, the walls were still paper thin. 

“What is happening?” Lisa whispered loud enough for the entire class to hear.  The wailing from the hallway started as a low hum and quickly increased in volume.  When the wailing seemed to become more hysterical, Jessica jumped out of her seat and hit the call office button. 

“Mr. Jones needs help!  Quickly,” she said as soon as Ms. Loftis answered.  “He’s getting hysterical.  Like something serious has happened, but we don’t know what.” 

Shortly after Jessica sat back down into her assigned seat, we all heard the scuffle in the hall.  Five minutes later, Mr. Jones walked back into the room, sporting a black eye, but otherwise acting like nothing had happened.  As we waited for Mr. Jones to explain, he turned back to the class and shrugged his shoulders. 

“Let’s get back to the lesson please,” he said straightening the papers on his desk.  Halfway through his next sentence, the principal and school security officer walked in. 

“Mr. Jones, time to go,” the principal took his arm and led him toward the door.  As he opened the door, Mr. Jones started wailing again.  This time we knew what he was saying.  Lisa. 

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Vacation Shock

I saw Tim’s leg start to twitch thirty minutes into the meeting.  I knew it was a struggle for him to even be at work today and the fact our meeting was  over information that could have been covered in an email was not helping.  We all knew Tim was hurting and we were all wondering why our boss was so adamant he come back to work for another useless meeting. 

I snapped back to attention when Jeff started talking about having to downsize.  As we were a small company already, downsizing was a big deal.  Downsizing meant most of the company would be let go.  Tim had just lost his entire family so I was hoping he was not about to lose his job as well.  Why would he have been called to the meeting if he wasn’t being fired?   

“Well, here’s how things are going to go,” our boss said, wringing his hands.  I could tell he was nervous already and I can’t say I felt bad for him.  All he had done the entire four years of working for him was to make my life miserable.  I had only stayed as long as I had because the health benefits and vacation days provided.  I had big vacation dreams and plans. 

Five minutes later, the meeting was adjourned and Tim and Jeff silently left the rest of us staring at each other in shock.  Jeff had sold the business to Tim.  Tim promptly fired everyone but Jeff. 

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Life in the Big City

When I first moved to the city, I felt claustrophobic every minute of every day.  My bedroom was just big enough to hold a double bed and a tiny desk. I had never been one to hold onto material objects and it was serving me well. 

Until now, I hadn’t been happy about the move.  The early morning fog kept the streets empty and gave me room to move freely.  I was hoping the streets would stay empty or my plan would be ruined.  This was the only way to get people out of their apartments and talking with neighbors. 

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Former Fiancée

I watched Ted walk across campus and I knew our relationship was over.  I just needed to decide when and how I was going to be able to tell Ted.  At one point, I had really liked him and wanted to let him down easy, but if things kept on how they were, that was easier said than done. 

Ted was the ideal partner – smart, caring, empathetic, compassionate, blah blah blah.  But – and it was a big but – he was the biggest mama’s boy I had ever met.  At first, I had thought it was endearing he called his mom on a daily basis.  After a while, it became infuriating.  One time he had a headache and actually called his mother to see if it was ok if he took Advil.  He even sometimes called to see what he should have for dinner because if she didn’t agree, she would go to hell and back to make sure he made something else.  Even if he had to go to the store in a downpour. 

I had held on to our relationship longer than I normally would because I was so fascinated and horrified by their relationship.  I wanted to understand why she dictated every aspect of his life and why he let her.  When Ted finally disappeared on the other side of campus, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned to find Ted’s mom standing over me. 

“Here’s how this is going to work,” she said, grinning. 

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Any Amount of Crazy

“Didn’t we expect for that to happen?”  Leah said as we watched the police take Ada to the cruiser in handcuffs.  Ada was still struggling and yelling over her shoulder at Jackson. 

I stared and took another long drink of my wine.  I felt bad for Ada, I really did, but I had just witnessed the most outrageous amount of crazy I had ever seen.  I almost didn’t know what to say. 

“Well, yes, but somehow I don’t think Jackson was ready for it,” I said when the police car finally pulled out of the driveway.  Leah and I turned back toward the house and I let her ramble on about what we had just witnessed.  I almost smiled to myself as she recounted the fact Ada had pointed straight at me while she was screaming at Jackson. 

“I just couldn’t believe she had the gall to bring you into it.  To actually point you out in front of all those people.” 

What Leah didn’t know was the fact I had everything to do with Jackson and Ada breaking up.  Ada had thrown me under the bus when we were thirteen and it was my turn to return the favor.  Only this one cut deep as she and Jackson had been married for almost five years.  And I was married.  To Leah’s brother.  What they never found out would never hurt them.  And if my husband found out, I knew he would forgive me.  At least, I hoped he would. 

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Star-Crossed Lovers

“I always dreamed of being a star-crossed lover,” Hannah said as she got into the bunk bed above mine. 

“Star-crossed lovers never stay together.  Something always comes between star-crossed lovers.  Like Romeo and Juliet.”  I yawned as I turned onto my back.  Hannah was a huge fan of staying awake as long as she could for as many nights as she could.  She said summer camp wasn’t summer camp if you got enough sleep.  I just wish I shared her same views as we always stayed in the same cabin. 

“But we could be star-crossed and fight for each other.  It would be so romantic,” Hannah sighed.  Every summer Hannah and I spent the entire two months at camp and Hannah was always on the look out for her next boyfriend.  Her summer love.  The one would sweep her off her feet, never have to return. 

Hannah usually settled on her summer love within the first few days of camp, but this year things had gone a bit differently.  Hannah’s eyes and attention had quickly been drawn to Derek.  Derek was the All-American boy with brown hair and brown eyes and still managed to be humble besides the fact he was lean, gorgeous and manners to boot.  He was also a counselor and director’s son.  And definitely off limits judging by the way Audrey hovered. 

Audrey was the one counselor we always avoided, but this summer I would have to wait and find out whose cat fighting abilities were stronger. 

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“Quit going easy on me,” I told Derrick.  “There is no way I am going to get better if you aren’t even trying to win.” 

I tried not to breathe too hard because if I did and if Derrick thought I was exhausted, I knew he would stop.  I knew he still thought of me as the helpless, sickly little sister who spent most of her childhood languishing in bed.  I know he started off resenting the time my parents spent with me even most of it was spent going from appointment to appointment. 

Somewhere along the way, Derrick had moved from resentful to overprotective.  My cancer had been in remission for eight years and I was optimistic it would not relapse.  I knew much of the overprotectiveness had to do with our parents divorce, but it was hard not to think of their divorce as my fault.  Too many doctor appointments and too many unpaid bills.  I knew much of his unhappiness was my fault and I was determined to not let him be miserable any longer. 

“I’m not going easy on you, you’re just getting better,” he said straightening up.  I heard his spine pop as he reached for the basketball. 

“You’re not even sweating.”  I shot the ball from the free throw line.  The swish of the net was the last thing I remembered until I woke up three days later.  But I wasn’t in a hospital.  Or with a doctor.  I wasn’t even in my house.   

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After Life

“Why are you up so early?”  I whispered to Jake the morning that would change the course of my life.  I just didn’t know it yet.  Instead of answering, Jake just shook his head and took his cereal bowl to the sink.  I knew he didn’t like to talk in the mornings, which was why I was hoping he would respond to my whispering. 

This morning he wasn’t having any of it this morning so instead I watched him move methodically around the kitchen.  Jake didn’t even fully turn to look at me as he exited the kitchen and started to get ready for school.  He glanced in my direction sadly as if he was regretting still not responding.  I sat in the same spot for every meal and even when I did my homework every afternoon. 

It was the only spot where I could see out all the windows in the house in hopes deer would come out of the woods.  The animals and the forests were the only reasons I ever enjoyed living in this old farmhouse.  Otherwise it was and would always be fairly lonely.  I missed my friends and I missed listening to cars honking and people laughing.  When Jake told everyone in the house goodbye except me, I knew one day I would have to accept the fact I would always be invisible to them and would hover until I knew they were safe.  I just needed them to understand my death wasn’t an accident. 

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