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I had always wanted to learn how to meditate, but had yet to be able to sit still for more than three at a time. My sister, Cadence, was so calm  and never seemed stressed about anything. And she managed to get everywhere on time. I’m still not sure how.  

I thought if I learned how to meditate, I could slow down my internal clock. I could hopefully find my shoes in the morning and maybe my clothes would even match. I felt like I was slowly getting better at sitting still, but at the end of three months I was only sitting still for five minutes at a time. But I guess it was better than nothing. As the months of meditation wore on, I started to feel lighter, to feel free. I wondered if it was the fact I had stopped talking as much or the fact I could finally sit still. Was it because I started listening more? 

The more I listened, the more I learned. And what I was learning was starting to surprise me. I now knew that Cadence didn’t actually meditate, but somehow had learned to fall asleep sitting with her back against the wall. She was so tired all the time because she was staying up most of the night trying to write her first novel. A novel I had found, read, and realized my sister had written the saddest story I had ever heard. It was the story of my life. 

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The Locking Door

“You decide when you’re ready.  Nobody else.  I can’t help you with anything you are doing.  You.  It’s all up to you.” 

I stared at my reflection in the mirror and tried to keep my face stern.  I needed to stand strong. If I budged at all, Terry would take control of what was going to happen between Jake and I.  And I wasn’t going to let Terry take control of anything to do with my life. He had already ruined enough. 

I knew he meant well, but he never listened to anything or anyone once he made up his mind. And at some point, he had decided Jake and I were not going to work out. I don’t know if he knew something about Jake I didn’t or if he had an ulterior motive. The more I thought about the possibility of an ulterior motive, the more I began to believe it. The trouble was, I didn’t know which motive was true. Was Terry in love with me? Was Terry in love with Jake? Was he nervous about the fact I was finally ready to return to college? Did Terry want me to stay in our shared apartment? He was becoming a little too possessive of me and my time. As I continued to practice my speech I heard rustling outside my bedroom door. 

“You know you can’t leave, right?” Terry said quietly through the door. And that’s when I heard my bedroom door lock from the outside. 

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The Attorney

“Do you think we need to find an attorney?  I don’t know what is happening right now?” 

Rob had the deer in the headlights look as he turned to face me.  I almost laughed at the look on his face if I hadn’t known how nervous he was.  Based on who his father was, I knew Rob would never get in trouble.   

I was still surprised at the fact he was not aware his father always bailed him out of trouble, but I wondered how he could possibly not realize. He was twenty-five and still didn’t understand what consequences were. Or that stealing a car sent most people to prison. Or that breaking and entering could also send one to prison.  

“I’m sure by now your father knows what has happened and will be here any minute to bail you out. Or he will instruct the police not to charge you. I’ll probably take the fall for both of us.” 

As his pretty face turned to shock, his mouth started moving as if he wanted to say something, but didn’t know what. Rob’s face brightened when the police cruiser stopped behind his car as this was the point his father stepped out to save him. This time I did start laughing when the police officer cuffed his hands behind his back and helped him into back of the cruiser. Rob looked like he was about to cry so I was happy he couldn’t see Jeremy’s wink as they pulled away. 

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The Party

“He claimed he wasn’t there.”  My mother crossed her arms and glared. 

“Mom, he is lying to you.  I saw him with my own eyes. I know he was there.  He-” before I could finish my defense, the doorbell rang.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, I knew it was the police.  They had been at the party last night so it made sense they were here now.  I watched my life flash before my eyes as my mother headed toward the door in a fit of anger.  I knew she would try and turn everything around to be my fault if she could. My brother was the golden child of the family and could get away with everything.  

I had made one bad decision and neither of my parents would ever forgive me. It’s like they believed by reporting the burglary next door, I was trying to ruin the family. If only they had told me they were involved with the stolen goods, I would have at least modified my story a bit. But they were stealing from my best friend! 

I knew she would tell the police officers Grant was not at the party and not carrying out her directions. She would do anything to save him especially if it meant throwing me under the bus. 

What I didn’t expect was to hear my soccer coach’s voice asking if I was all right. Because maybe I would be if he cared about me as much as I cared about him. 

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Red Rose

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson 

I knew the only thing that needed to move to the new house was the rose. The single red rose was the last memory I had of Johnson. This memory needed to stay with me forever. I wondered how I could keep the rose alive when in reality, I knew it wouldn’t live much longer. Johnson had been my one and only and I didn’t know what I would do without him. When the rose finally died, I suddenly realized I was on my own. Until then, I never knew what it felt like to be free. To be alive. 

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A Death in the Family

“Are you even sad?  Have you even cried?”  Ryan crossed his arms and stared at me. 

“What do you want me to do?  Scream?  Cry?  Make a scene?  What, exactly?”  I waited for his reaction, for him to tell me how I should be acting in the wake of our father’s death. 

“I want you to care.  I -” Ryan sat down on the edge of the couch as if he was going to start crying.   

“Ryan, I do care that our father was in pain and he suffered at the end of his life.  But at the same time, you do remember what he did to me?  How he treated me?  How he kicked me out of the house when I was fifteen?  Have you forgotten the fact he hasn’t talked to me in twelve years?” 

“But our father is dead.  We will no longer be able to ask for advice.  He won’t meet his grandkids.”  Ryan got up and started pacing.  It was almost like he hadn’t heard anything I had said. 

I knew he would never agree, our father had been his hero.  He worshiped him even when I got thrown under the bus.  I longed for Ryan to understand what it had been like for me to have not been a part of the family for over a decade solely because I dated Lori. I wasn’t sad. I felt more like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt like I was finally free. 

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The Swing

“He said he had work to do,” my mother said.  “Why do you ask so many questions?” 

I sighed and headed back to my room.  All I had wanted to know was when my brother was getting home.  He had promised to take me to the zoo today and I had been looking forward to it all week.  Now he was working and I was stuck at home with my mother.  I often got the feeling she didn’t really like me very much so when we were home together, I just tried to stay out of her way.  But in a small two-bedroom apartment that was hard to do. 

I grabbed my library book and headed to the park on the corner.  There was no way Luke could miss me when he did come home.  It was our place and where I went to get fresh air.  There was no place I’d rather be than outside with the sun kissing my face.  My biggest fear so far in life was finding a job that would keep me inside and trap me in a cubicle.  I think the fact my mom spent so much time inside was why she was so unhappy. 

I practically ran to the park to ensure I could get to my favorite swing.  From the swing, I could see the street and sit in the sun.  Little did I know, I would be forever waiting for my brother.  Alone on my swing, never to be supported again. 

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The Tea Party

“I never wanted to go to the tea party.  Why do we even need to go to the party?  I want to just stay home and avoid Sydney at all costs.  She is terrible.”  I tried to put the emphasis on my last sentence, but don’t know if Jenny was picking up on my dislike for Sydney. 

Honestly, I never really liked tea either, but could force it down if there was an option for food.  Eating something other than Ramen noodles was always a draw for me.  And by the look of things, there might be an opportunity to put something a little stronger in my tea. 

As the tea/brunch/party (what is this even for) dragged on, I saw others eyeing the cabinet of liquor as well.  After an hour and a half, we were all running out of small talk and nice things to say.  I looked back at Sydney and watched her fight to keep her eyes open. 

I wondered how and what else I could do to get her to like me.  How I could convince her I hadn’t gotten her fired and lost her health insurance. But to a certain degree, I didn’t care too much about what she thought. She had said enough terrible things to me and about me that I didn’t want to make nice. 

As soon as the mimosas were poured, I just wanted for my chance to pounce. I pounced and I never looked back. 

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I had never given myself the chance, the opportunity to be a good person.  And to me, being a good person also accompanied the idea that I would be authentic to myself.  Most of the time, I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know how to get to my end game. 

Growing up, I had things done for me instead of doing things for myself so I think that was part of my problem.  I was never forced into making my own luck and it was more obvious the older I got. 

I now am determined to make my own luck and do my own thing.  I want to make a difference and help improve lives. The lives around me, but my life as well.  Good vibes beget good vibes, right?  If I can help, I can inspire others to help as well.  If I can inspire others to help, things might turn around for me.  If I can empower myself, I can only hope to empower others. 

As soon as my monologue was over, I knew I still didn’t believe it.  I knew my classmates didn’t believe it either.  Aaron was snoring in the back corner of the room.  Honestly, I had started taking acting class so my peers would actually believe me when I told them the truth.  But now that I was actually telling the truth, everyone believed me less than they did before.  I knew exactly what lies to tell to get them to believe me. 

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The Email

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