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New Life

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda 

When the flowers finally started to bloom, I let myself have a little faith. A little faith I was doing the right thing and had done the right thing when I moved hundreds of miles away from my friends and family. Until today, I had considered packing my bags and running back, but I knew it would be a mistake. A mistake I might never recover from. The garden was proving new life was still ahead. But as I headed home, I saw the fires blooming and knew all I had gained would soon be lost. Once and for all. 

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“I think I’d rather be asleep than be here.  At this party.  Why did I let you talk me into this?”  Mary slumped down on the couch as if she was really going to go to sleep.  At Jonathan’s house.  At 9 PM.  On a Saturday night. 

I knew I had asked for it when I convinced her to be my wingman, but I honestly thought she would be more fun than this.  I turned my attention away from my friend and tried to remind myself her happiness was her responsibility and I could only do so much for her if she wasn’t going to participate. 

I just knew I couldn’t be at home any longer.  I couldn’t stay at home with my parents fighting all the time.  I had known for some time they weren’t happy and wondered if they ever had been happy together.  Maybe they had only stayed together because of me. 

Now I had to worry about Mary as well.  I just wanted to come to the party to have a happy distraction, but I couldn’t get Mary out of my mind.  As I turned back to Mary, I found she managed to quietly disappear.  I could see her blonde hair flying behind her as she followed Jonathan out the front door.  I knew nothing good would come out of her disappearing into the night with Jonathan.  He had no rules, no responsibilities and did whatever he felt like at the moment.  Sometimes he got away with it, sometimes he didn’t. 

If Mary wanted to end up in jail, then so be it.  I couldn’t take responsibility for her anymore.  Couldn’t stop my life to look out for someone who didn’t want to be looked after.  With her out of my hair for a while, I finally started to relax into the party.  I knew I shouldn’t have invited her, but I knew she had been going through a rough spot as well.  I sometimes hoped she would remember nights like this when I tried to help her out, but I honestly thought it wasn’t very possible.  She wasn’t always the best about thinking about needs unless they were her own. 

Eventually I relaxed enough to forget Mary had even come with me.  I hadn’t had enough to drink to forget, but there was no drama to direct my attention back to her.  I hadn’t noticed she and Jonathan hadn’t returned until I was finally ready to leave several hours later.  At this point, it was just past midnight and her phone was going straight to voicemail.  I started to stop people as they were leaving, asking if they had seen Mary.  Or Jonathan even though I didn’t really care if he didn’t come back.  But it did seem strange he had left his own party for several hours and hadn’t returned.  He usually liked for all the attention to be focused on him. 

No one knew where they were or how long they had been gone.  As I was finally getting up the nerve to call the police, a car came creeping slowly up the long driveway.  If it wasn’t Mary and Jonathan, I was going to lose it.  How dare she disappear for hours and not answer her phone?  As the car creeped closer, I saw that it was not Mary and Jonathan, but instead, Jonathan’s parents.  Parents who were supposed to be out of town the entire weekend.  Without a second thought, I took off running.  I had met them once before when they were in a good mood (supposedly) and I had no interest in meeting them when discovering a bunch of teenagers in their house at 1 AM when their own son wasn’t present.  Time for Mary to learn about consequences and how I wasn’t going to save her every time she went off the deep end. 

As it turned out, I didn’t end up having to do any saving at all. No amount of saving could help me get her out of the felony charges she wasn’t currently facing and I knew she would be in a new jail as soon as her parents bailed her out of jail. I almost sighed with content knowing I wouldn’t have to do any babysitting for the foreseeable future. My contentment lasted for a total of thirty-six hours when the police showed up at my front door. Showed up at my door asking about stolen goods, parties and late nights. I knew then I would get my revenge. Revenge on the one person who I had thought and hoped still cared about me. I couldn’t believe my own sister had ratted me out. 

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Airport Mystery

I saw the man run by me in a panic multiple times.  I felt like the only reason he passed me several times was the fact his plane had moved gates more than once.  But here he was behind me in line – sweating and wide eyed – on a flight that had never moved gates.   

I could hear him taking shallow breaths as he tried to bring himself under control.  So far, he didn’t seem to be doing a great job of it.  Different scenarios flashed through my mind of where he was coming from and where he was going.  

“Is everything all right?  Do you need some water?”  I turned and offered the man the overpriced bottle of overpriced water I had just bought at the airport shop.  He was sweating profusely and I wondered if he was actually sick. I wondered who he was running from. 

“Yes, yes.  Thank you.  I’m a little out of sorts,” he gasped as he took the water from me.  He gulped half of it down before breathing again, but still looked pale and shaken. 

His breathing started to slowly return to normal, but his eyes darted nervously back and forth.  He jumped from one foot to another and couldn’t stop his fingers from twitching. Like he was expecting someone or something to sneak up on him.  As we waited to scan our boarding passes, my imagination took me all sorts of dark places.  All which proved true when he started screaming.  

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Generous and Stupid

“She was both generous and stupid.  Willing to learn, but unwilling to listen.  Political, but didn’t debate,” I listened to the woman in the seat beside me practice her speech under her breath.  I wondered if she was practicing a eulogy and who the eulogy was possibly for. 

As she continued with her preparations, I closed my eyes so she thought I was sleeping and not hanging onto every single word.  The longer she went on, the more interested I became.  Who was this woman who had died?  She sounded fascinating and I was considering asking the woman what had happened, but thought it may be a bit rude. But sometimes my nosiness overcame me and I started asking too many questions. Especially when the woman she was talking about seemed to have been so well known and well liked. Popular. This woman was everything I wanted to be, but so far, had yet to achieve.  

In the meantime, I kept my eyes closed as various death scenarios played out in my imagination.  She was a CEO who had been murdered for her wealth.  She was a working mom who had been kidnapped in retaliation of a custody battle.  She was an athlete broken by a drug scandal. 

As the plane descended, I opened my eyes, determined to find out who she was talking about.  I never would have guessed she was talking about herself. I followed her off the plane to see exactly how she was going to disappear. 

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My second podcast/audio version/thing can be found here!

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Ski Chalet

I had always wanted to stay in a posh ski chalet.  I wanted to be able to ski in and ski out of my own chalet just so I could say that I did it.  That I had stayed not in a hotel on a mountain, but a chalet. 

I just wanted to ski in new territory, but I wasn’t expecting to fall in love.  Fall in love with skiing all over again, fall in love with snow all over again and fall in love with myself for the first time.  I owed it all to Jack and it took a few days for me to realize what had happened. 

The avalanche hadn’t been too severe (at least that’s what I told myself as I sat safely in the chalet) and hoped it wouldn’t be long before anyone realized I was stuck alone in the chalet.  Since I had gotten to the chalet significantly earlier than everyone else, there was plenty of food so I wasn’t particularly worried. Luckily the power hadn’t gone out, I just couldn’t get out of the chalet and no one could to me.  

I didn’t become too worried about my predicament until the man showed up at the front door of the chalet with anger in his eyes and no trace of snow or avalanche on his clothes. I stared at him as he lifted his fist and started banging on the window. I wondered how long it would take for the glass to break. 

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The Gravestone

Everything changed the day I found my name and birthdate on the gravestone.  As I stared at the marker, I could feel the bile rise from my stomach.  Everyone knew I came to this cemetery to take photos for my photography profile. But who would go to this extent to put my name, birthdate and what would be my death date? The gravestone was even weathered to match those around it. 

Everyone knew my final capstone project was about cemeteries and gravestones.  I don’t know why or when I had become fascinated with everything that lies in cemeteries, but here I was.  Maybe it was partially my obsession with what would happen in the afterlife. 

I hadn’t been very old when my grandfather had died and even though I was only seven when he had a heart attack, we had been close.  I had had dreams for years of my grandfather and I could never tell what he was doing or where he was. I desperately wanted to join him on his journeys, but I didn’t know how. Part of my fascination with cemeteries was because I wanted to know how to get there. 

The more people and the more church services I attended, the more confused I became.  Cemeteries were the only way I could calm my confusion about the afterlife.  Until today, when I found my own gravestone.  Now, at least, I knew when I would die.  Just not how. Unless it had to do with my grandfather. 

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I didn’t quite know what I had gotten myself into when I moved to Jones.  I did like the appeal of a small town, but was beginning to regret my decision.  The gossip of living in a small town was something I had anticipated, but not to the extent I found. 

Every time I walked into a store of into the sole diner in town, everyone seemed to stop talking the moment they noticed me.  I always wondered what was so important they needed to talk about on such a regular basis, but I didn’t care to find out.  Not sure I wanted to know why they seemed to think I was so interesting. 

All I wanted to do was live my life in peace and quiet and to live my life how I wanted.  I simply wanted to be left alone and to my own devices.  As the weeks went on and the gossip continued, I began to take notice of what the town was talking about.  What exactly did they think happened to me in my past life?  Where did they think I had come from?  Did they know everything?  Surely they didn’t know about the murder. 

I don’t think there was any way they could, but what if the news had spread? The police still didn’t have any suspects about the Mack’s disappearance and my move from town didn’t cause too much of a stir because I was constantly moving. Everything changed when Jeremy showed up. 

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The Bad Idea

Here’s my first attempt at a podcast of my short stories!

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He crept up on me like a ghost.  I never saw him and I didn’t hear him until it was too late.  Now I was stuck and didn’t know if I could get out of this situation easily. And I really wanted out. Mainly because he wasn’t talking. I knew he was shy, but he had never gone this long without saying anything and I was starting to get worried. 

“Ted, please.  I don’t know where we are going.  I can’t help with anything if I don’t know what’s going on.”  I tried to keep my skepticism and slight resentment out of my voice. 

Ted, again, only sighed.  Like I should know what I was doing here and why he had snuck up on me in the first place.  Ted had always been shy and a bit odd, but I never thought kidnapping was on the list of activities he would enjoy.  But here we were.  In his car and driving who knows where. We had been driving for ten minutes and it was ten minutes too long. 

I hoped he would stay in town and not start heading toward his cabin, but as he headed toward the county line, my hand headed toward the door handle.  We turned toward the park – the one park we had in town – and my interest and nerves peaked again.  Where could we be going?  I closed my eyes in prayer and when I opened them all I saw were the HAPPY BIRTHDAY signs. 

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