The Worst Play

I knew the play wasn’t going to go well, but I couldn’t stay away. Frankie was going to fail and I had to see it. He had been raving about the screenwriting when everyone else told me how terrible it actually was. I knew I should warn him what the critics were going to say, but in reality, I already knew he wouldn’t listen. His ego was as big as his house. The house he had bought to celebrate the new life he was going to have with this play. 

Frankie was my neighbor and at one time – for a brief period of time – my lover. This was all before his ego completely got in the way of everything we had planned. We were going to buy a house on a lake, live a quiet life, have a few kids and retire to a life of leisure. That was until some stranger told Frankie he had a great voice and told him he should consider singing and if not singing, acting. Everything went downhill from there. He immediately started taking singing lessons and from there acting lessons. He was excellent at memorization, but his acting skills needed some work.  

Not that he would listen to anyone anyway. Apparently, acting had always been his dream, he just didn’t know how to get there. Now, he was pushing everyone away to get to his dreams. He had pushed me away by squashing every plan and dream I ever had and almost ruining all my relationships along the way. I had to choose between him and me and I chose me. Now I would enjoy watching him crash and burn, just like I did. Just like the car did that almost ended my life. 


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