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  • Yellow Brick Road

    Check out my story on the Booked Solid in Santa Fe blog!

  • Ski Days: 2

    Photo copyright: Kate Cornwell  I went skiing on Sunday, which is something I was going to try and avoid because I feel like Sundays are bound to be busier than Mondays, but I was at a Summer Reading Workshop yesterday so I hit the slopes on Sunday instead. It was a super trippy day of…

  • Finance Update – I burned a hole in my credit card

    I went a little wild with my credit card in the last week and a half, but it was a planned expense. But it was a large expense. When I was offered my current job in Santa Fe, one of the big perks (which was unfortunately not my paycheck) was the ability to be able…

  • Hope this works!!

    This is my first try at Vimeo or any kind of video anything so I hope this link works!