Finance Update – I burned a hole in my credit card

I went a little wild with my credit card in the last week and a half, but it was a planned expense. But it was a large expense. When I was offered my current job in Santa Fe, one of the big perks (which was unfortunately not my paycheck) was the ability to be able to go camping, hiking and skiing. Three things I really enjoy. The Friday before Thanksgiving, Santa Fe had its annual Ski Swap at the Convention Center. Lucky for me, I have a pass to park in the parking garage that is attached to the Convention Center so I was able to park for work, attend the Ski Swap and carry everything I bought directly down to my car. Also lucky for me, there were employees from different ski sellers around town that could and did help me purchase the right equipment. 

Having been born and raised in Oklahoma, I have never really had a reason to buy skis. I came with my family quite a bit for several years, but I usually only went skiing once a year. Maybe. Once a year – and for only three days at a time – I never saw the reason to buy skiing equipment. Over the last few years, I have made the point of buying clothes because I know that if I am not comfortable when I am skiing, I will not have a great time. I have slowly collected pants, tights to wear when it’s really cold, gloves, a helmet, goggles and have an Eddie Bauer waterproof rain jacket that doubles as the jacket I take on vacations. I usually just wear whatever shirt(s) fits the weather that day. But in moving to Santa Fe, I knew I wanted to make the plunge of buying skis, boots and poles as well as a season pass! As the Santa Fe Ski Area is only about 30 minutes from my apartment, how could I pass it up? 

So here I am, in the middle of trying to save money, and I went out and bought myself skis, ski boots, poles and a season pass. And as much money as I did spend, next ski season, I won’t have to buy any equipment and I know that all the items I purchased will be used on a regular basis. I did consider buying the full day lift passes, but if I go skiing seven times this season, I will have already spent as much money as buying the season pass. I also considered the fact that if I bought the full day passes, I know I would feel compelled to be skiing and on the slopes from when the lifts open until the very end. Just to make sure I got my money worth. But now with the season pass, I can ski as many times and for as long or as little as I want and not feel bad about the possibility of wasting money. But at the end of the day, I am content and happy about the decision I made and the ski season is only six days old and I have already made it to ski. First time skiing in November and I am 100% there for it. 


One response to “Finance Update – I burned a hole in my credit card”

  1. Yay, you!!! Skiing in NM is the best! We used to ski every winter at Taos, after a grueling 2 day drive from Dallas with adult and kid chaos along the way. Many happy memories with my family. Your brother, Bob, skied with us one winter and we heard by phone there of your mom and dad’s engagement (Sheesh!! over 40 years ago!). Happy (ski) trails to you, and much love, Auntie Mac


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