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Ski Days: 2

Photo copyright: Kate Cornwell 

I went skiing on Sunday, which is something I was going to try and avoid because I feel like Sundays are bound to be busier than Mondays, but I was at a Summer Reading Workshop yesterday so I hit the slopes on Sunday instead. It was a super trippy day of skiing because of all the fog on the mountain, but a good (short-ish) day of skiing. There is a restaurant that is halfway down the mountain that I went to a little after twelve and was only sure of its location because I could smell the hamburgers cooking! And in having the Season Pass, I don’t feel like I need to go hard core the whole time I am skiing. If I’m hungry or tired or not feeling great, I am definitely going to stop. My family is always a little flipped out when I go skiing by myself because they always seem to think I’m going to get hurt and no one will find me.  

I am a huge fan of going fast (but in control) and I am more than comfortable with going fast on greens and blues. Not that it entirely matters because currently there are no blacks open in Santa Fe. This past Sunday I didn’t go as fast or as straight down the mountain as I know I can simply due to the fact there was poor visibility throughout the time I was there. And of course, the sun was out on Monday during my workshop! And there were more people on the mountain than there were right after Thanksgiving so I obviously didn’t want to be hit or be the one doing the hitting in the foggy conditions. 

I have recently cut myself off from Facebook and am only on Instagram where I have found a family (rowley.adventures) where their videos are of their five-year-old snowboarding. They mentioned recently that last season they hit the mountains eighty times and are aiming for one hundred this season! I am currently trying to figure out how many times I can ski this year in Santa Fe, but doubt I will come close to one hundred… 

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