Category: Really Bad Poetry

  • Garden of Roses

    The roses said my name  Repeatedly  Excitedly  I wanted to help them  I really did  But how could I help  Something I no longer loved? 

  • Love

    The love you gave  Was not what I needed  But it was what I wanted  What I thought was good  Was right  Was healthy  Was the place I needed to be  Soon I became brave  Found myself  My voice  My life  My strength  The I found nature  And my life came flying back  Like it had never…

  • Nature

    Nature was the only place I felt free The only place I was at home I ran then walked Laughed and cried For the beauty of the world overwhelmed me. The music of the leaves The glory of the flowers The burning of the sun Nature will never get old Never go out of style…

  • Ice Cream

    The dripping of the sink Reminded me of summer Drip Drip Splat. Of the ice cream you promised But never bought Fun planned But never enacted Hearts broken But never recovered All I wanted was Cold and sweet But got Freezing hearts and lies.

  • Angels

    Dancing in the sun Living life outdoors with ease Never will go in

  • Opening Slowly

    The breeze touched my skin The birds sang me their good morning lullaby As I struggled to move To wake To sit To think Freedom to do as I wanted To do as I needed To move as much Or as little As time allowed I opened slowly Carefully

  • Prayer

    I didn’t know if it would help To call To ask To pray Who would answer? And how would I know? I could feel the grass The trees The wind I could hear them like God hears my prayers.