Category: Really Bad Poetry

  • Singing Stones

    The singing stones greeted me like an old friend  I looked for them every day  As I knew they looked for me  Their steadiness soothed me  Helped me  Calmed me  Every time I heard the   Singing stones  I was fortified  My strength returned  My eyes opened  I was home 

  • Shining

    The water was calling my name.  Brilliant, vast and scary  It called and I screamed  Water knew my name, but  I just wanted to forget  our relationship.  Forget we ever met.  But I was blinded  By ambition  By mercy  By fear. 

  • Schoolhouse

    Thousands of little words  Open to me as I sit  In silence, enraptured  By the beauty of my spirit  The expanse of my learning  The places I can go  Just by learning the words  How they go together  Rest together  Adventure awaits  Full of hope and resilience 

  • Flowers

    I watched the flowers bloom   right before my eyes.  I was green with envy  but not as beautiful as their stems.  I wanted to love them.  Their beauty enraged me  just as it betrayed my heart.  I wanted you to love me  just as much as you loved them. 

  • Courage

    He always told me courage  Was the best trait to have  Courage to go   Courage to try  Courage to start over  I never understood why he left  Why he backed out  Why he got so scared  Maybe it was courage  To say he was scared  Maybe it took courage  To leave.  He took his courage …

  • Clouds

    They floated above me  Finding peace in the wind  That I longed to feel  They moved at their own pace  While I ran with others  I longed for their freedom  Their compassion  Their release. 

  • Woodland

    The fresh air calls me  Calls me back to my childhood  My youth  My freedom  The fresh air sings of change  Of a lost life  Of better days  Dreams I had forgotten and my  Voice started to come back.  I knew where to go and the   Woods knew how to get me there 

  • Rise and Shine

    He said early morning  Was the best  He said I would like it too  Eventually.  Slowly.  I wanted to be like them  But if I did  I would have to spend more time   With him. 

  • Reason and Proof

    I knew you were beyond reason  That you didn’t need proof  To tell me about my mistakes and misdeeds  That my life was wrong  My desires were wrong  No warning  No proof  Only hate  And jealousy 

  • Chocolate Pie

    The pie was delicious  It was her love language  She put her heart and soul  Into every pie she made  I could see it  I could feel it  And I knew it wasn’t for me