Category: Really Bad Poetry

  • Rising

    My heart lifted  Then broke into pieces  When the sky started falling  It emulated my feelings  But I was determined to rise  To fly and to breathe  To hope  To play  I knew what I wanted to do  The problem was  finding  a  way   to   rise  

  • Summer Again

    I never wanted summer to   end. I cried every  September first  knowing you might not  come back to me.  I worked away the school year  to wish away the summer  dreaming was always my best  quality.  Especially in the hot summer sun.  Every year I cried  drowned  coped  knowing you would never love me  as much…

  • Not Funny

    I told him it wasn’t funny  But still he continued.  I told him I felt ugly  And still he agreed.  I asked him to come over  But he had better things to do.  I wanted to be serious  But he had other girlfriends.  I tried to help  And he called somebody else.  I loved to…

  • He never told me

    He never told me your name  But he flaunted you  in front of my friends.  He waited too long to tell me  then acted like it was okay.  That I was okay.  Like it was normal to see  both of us at the same time  Want to split dinner?  Split drinks?  My heart refused to…

  • Strangers

    She told me to   never talk to strangers.  Nothing good would come of it.  Only fear  or loathing.  Maybe a little bit of stalking.  But I couldn’t help myself.  I can’t not talk  to someone.  My mouth opens, then shuts.  I almost don’t know what  to say.  His eyes were too  Beautiful. 

  • Moon

    The bright moon shines down  Leading me away from life  Showing me the way.  I never knew how far  My life could lead me astray  Until the moon sank.  My life was over  As I knew it.  Then you came  Back and it started. 

  • Wild Rose

    Wild roses bloom free  Bloom lush and vibrant.  Careful  To not touch the young. 

  • Anxiety

    Anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks  Like I was drowning in worry  Nothing I could do was right  Nothing I said was helpful  Nothing I did was useful.  Days sometimes raced by  While sometimes they dragged  I could never decide which felt better  Until the day I started feeling better  The day I…

  • Welcome

    The welcome sign greeted me.  Confused me.  Haunted me.  Affected me.  I was not wanted.  Not cheered.  Not helped.  I was alive.  I will live.  I will survive.  I will rise. 

  • Life

    I knew about the ups and downs  I expected them  What I wasn’t prepared for  Was you.  I didn’t know I was waiting for you  Until I saw you.  Your smile Your eyes  The way you made me feel  Made everyone feel  Now you’re gone  And I am over.