Starting a Podcast…

Recently, I have being toying with the idea of maybe starting a podcast. Not a podcast where I have guests and long discussions, but maybe a podcast where I can read some of my stories out loud (if I can read my own handwriting) and see how things go. I have recently become a huge fan of podcasts and don’t know if I really have much to say about my own life, but I can make up a few stories here and there. 

Has anyone ever started a podcast? Or uploaded an audio version of their stories? I am curious if this is something people would actually want to listen to or would it be a waste of my time. Sometimes I do find it easier to listen to stories as I am working around the house or on a walk so that really is my intention for maybe thinking of doing something like this. Do you have any suggestions? Would you listen? Should I get an affordable (cheap-ish) microphone from Target to see if I even like it? 


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