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  • Something to Hide

    Listen to my newest story!

  • Heartbreaker

    Listen here!

  • Mistakes Were Made

    Listen here!

  • The Email

    Season 1. Episode 3. Here!

  • The Bad Idea

    Here’s my first attempt at a podcast of my short stories!

  • Starting a Podcast…

    Recently, I have being toying with the idea of maybe starting a podcast. Not a podcast where I have guests and long discussions, but maybe a podcast where I can read some of my stories out loud (if I can read my own handwriting) and see how things go. I have recently become a huge…

  • The Painters

    I thought the painters looked suspicious the moment they pulled up in a murder van.  My sister and I had been listening to way too many podcasts about true crime and it was all we could talk about.  Suddenly everyone looked suspicious and everyone had the potential to be a murderer.  My sister laughed about my overactive imagination…