Bad Reactions

“I don’t know why you were making such a big deal out of this?  Why do you even care where they live or what they are doing?”  I listened to the conversation next to me and wondered if I should step in or not.  I was horrified by what I was hearing the woman say, but part of me knew it wasn’t my place to say anything to a stranger. 

“All I’m trying to say is that they should know better.  Because why don’t people realize that a home with mom and dad is a better home than anywhere else?  A mother and a father will always be the option for a child to grow up to be whole and well.” 

No one around me seemed to be reacting as badly as I was to this conversation.  In fact, no one else seemed to be reacting to the conversation at all.  I didn’t understand why this couple was arguing over the idea a household had to be headed by a man and a woman.  It was completely beyond me. 

I finally took a deep breath when there was a pause in the conversation and stood up.  I had to interrupt to say something.  To do something.  I took another deep breath to hopefully get one last burst of confidence.  As I opened my mouth to reprimand the couple, I looked at the pile of papers on the desk.  I sat back down when I realized it was a script. 


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