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  • Gut Reactions, part 2

    Santa Fe Humane Society Dog Park (03/24/2022)  Photo credit: Kate Cornwell Unknown to the danger I was feeling, Lovie loped back toward me and I quickly latched on her leash.  I knew she hated to be leashed, but I didn’t need her to be running from me now.  Not at the height of my nerves. …

  • Bad Reactions

    “I don’t know why you were making such a big deal out of this?  Why do you even care where they live or what they are doing?”  I listened to the conversation next to me and wondered if I should step in or not.  I was horrified by what I was hearing the woman say,…

  • Strangers

    She told me to   never talk to strangers.  Nothing good would come of it.  Only fear  or loathing.  Maybe a little bit of stalking.  But I couldn’t help myself.  I can’t not talk  to someone.  My mouth opens, then shuts.  I almost don’t know what  to say.  His eyes were too  Beautiful.