Acres of Green

All I wanted to do was play outside all day every day.  Being inside gave me anxiety.  I had read Anne of Green Gables with my mother and had wanted to be Anne ever since.  I even tried to use the same language and words, but quickly realized my friends didn’t always understand what I was talking about or were growing tired of having me tell them everything was ‘perfectly splendid’. 

Trying to live like Anne helped me realize my wildest dreams.  All of them had me working outside and with my hands.  I wanted to live in a world where natural beauty and the outdoors were incorporated every day.  While my friends played video games and watched television, I wrote stories and made flower crowns. 

The more time that went by, I realized I could maybe make a life with my writing.  I could do all my writing outside while I travelled.  Travel and write.  Teach as many as I could about being outside and the healing benefits of nature.  Before then, I knew I had to mend some fences.  With all the people I hurt so I could live my life outside.  Before it was too late and they were all gone.  My lies weren’t supposed to carry so far. 

I knew my sister was the most worried.  Or at least she acted worried, but I was beginning to have suspicions about jealousy.  Her lies were becoming bigger than mine.  I knew just how to fix it. 


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