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  • Something to Hide

    Listen to my newest story!

  • Sick

    “I am sick of this,” I said as I opened the door and stepped into the sunshine.  “I’m not sure how much longer I can last working here.”   “It’s really not that bad,” Jeremiah said as he followed me out.  “I don’t mind it too much these days.  I mean, we have a steady paycheck and health benefits.  Should we…

  • Passion

    The passion in the artist’s eyes made me long for what I once had.  I once felt like I belonged to a group – to a community – but now I am not so sure.  It really started the weekend of my first “unofficial” show.  My then boyfriend (also a starving artist) had set me up…

  • Acres of Green

    All I wanted to do was play outside all day every day.  Being inside gave me anxiety.  I had read Anne of Green Gables with my mother and had wanted to be Anne ever since.  I even tried to use the same language and words, but quickly realized my friends didn’t always understand what I was…

  • Reason and Proof

    I knew you were beyond reason  That you didn’t need proof  To tell me about my mistakes and misdeeds  That my life was wrong  My desires were wrong  No warning  No proof  Only hate  And jealousy