“My heart exploded the day you came into my life.  I always knew I wanted you and I knew you would feel the same when we finally got the chance to spend more time together.  I know we will be a perfect fit.”  I kept my whisper to a minimum so the other cafeteria workers wouldn’t hear me.   

I had had to leave one job already because my coworkers had made me feel so paranoid about my constant talking.  My mom had encouraged my talking when I was younger, but I now know she was scared of silence and too cheap to turn on a radio.  I also think she wanted to see if I would ‘accidentally’ tell her my secrets.  My mother didn’t realize I was onto her head games and when she was in earshot I only talked about books and rainbows. 

She never caught on to how obsessive I could be.  Obsessive about all the same things she could and often would obsess over.  She obsessed over the idea of perfect love while I obsessed over the perfect person.  She obsessed over the idea of the perfect closet while my clothes obsession became a problem I couldn’t afford. 

Now I was out on my own and had not one to keep me in check.  The day had finally come to add you, Greg, to my collection.  But would you come to be in my life as love or false hope?  Only my basement would have the answer. 


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