The skeletons in my mother’s closet were enormous.  I managed to find most of her secrets when I was diving headfirst into my most rebellious years as a teenager.  The first time she caught me sneaking out and grounded me for a month was the first time I really started going through everything we had in the house. 

My search of the house started my second week of grounding when I was bored enough to start deep cleaning the house.  There was only so much I could do at home since my mom had taken my phone away as soon as I got home from school.  TV was never really my jam and I could only read books for so long before I started getting restless.  I started with my bedroom and slowly started toward the front of the house.  The beige molding was actually white.  A shocking discovery as we had been here for almost three years and I had no idea. 

The cleaner the house became, the more obsessed I became about what secrets I could find.  Although I had started looking for secrets about the house, I hadn’t meant to look for information on my mom, but found a treasure trove of secrets and information tucked into a false bottom in the oak chest in the living room.  I had been looking through the old quilts my grandmother had made when instead I found the photos and the letters.  Letters noting every time my mom got expelled. 


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