“I wasn’t sure what to think when he said he had it ‘covered’. He has never had anything covered in his entire life. He wants to project an image that he has his life pulled together, but he doesn’t.” As Angela turned into the grocery store parking lot, I finally let myself breathe. Her driving wasn’t the best and when she was obsessing over Liam, her driving got worse. 

“Have you asked him about it? Do you know why Liam didn’t prepare for the party?” I shakily got out of the car and wondered if I should bother asking Angela if I could drive us home. 

“Asked him? Why would I ask him about something I know he hasn’t done? I know he hasn’t done anything so I’ll just have to do it myself.”  Angela slung her purse over her shoulder and headed toward the front grocery store. I stared after her as she walked like nothing was happening. Like nothing had happened. 

Liam was supposed to be planning and organizing a surprise party for our roommate, Jack, but it seemingly looked like he had done nothing to prepare. Angela would never admit it, but I think she was interested in Jack. And not Liam. She was well known for jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend and wrecking her relationships along the way. I wondered how long it would take for her to completely take over the party planning and thus slowly but surely ejecting Liam from her life. Because what she didn’t know was Jack and I were already dating. And had been for months. She just never listened closely because she didn’t want to hear anything that would ruin her plans. Her future. 

What would her reaction be? Would our relationship survive? Would she move out or would she slowly try to push me out? I knew before she made it through the front doors how to protect myself. And how to protect Jack. Angela would never know what hit her. 


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