Another Life

My mom’s favorite line to spout of at any given time was “Maybe in another life.” I, for one, hated it because we only had one life. I only had this one chance to get what I wanted. To do what I wanted. I wasn’t about to wait for another life to live my best life. But in living my best life, I knew I had to hide most of my hobbies from my parents. They were always afraid I was going to get my feelings hurt so they were forever telling me not to take chances. Well, this was the one area of life where I didn’t listen. 

My parents were down with my craft supplies but they would never be happy with the online life I had built for myself. Which was why my laptop, cameras and microphones all lived at Michael’s house. I spent a lot of my time ‘studying’ with Michael when in reality, I was making and uploading videos to YouTube and Instagram and putting all of my short stories onto my blog. My parents didn’t grow up with computers and the Internet and were distrustful of everything that went along with the idea of being online. If I only knew then what I knew now about going viral, I’m not sure I would have gone through with all of my plans. Yet, I now have the freedom I have always wanted. It’s just that I don’t see my parents much anymore. 


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