Night Owl

I had always been a night owl as I had a constant problem with insomnia. What my parents didn’t know was that my insomnia led me to wander the streets in the middle of the night. Luckily we didn’t have an alarm on any of our doors and windows so I was able to leave the house without any problems. My parents would lose their minds if they knew I was leaving the house alone on a regular basis. Especially at night. But I was cooped up enough during the day where if I didn’t get out at night, I would literally lose my mind. 

I was always surprised about how many people left their blinds completely open in the middle of the night. I guess they were not nearly as suspicious and careful as I was. I knew too many secrets about too many people and if I was ever to act on these secrets, I had no doubt that I would never be suspected. My favorite secret was the secret of Mrs. Adams who lived two streets away. No one would know she also had a propensity to also walk the streets in the middle of the night. I have followed her enough times to know where she went and where her favorite spots to visit. The first time I watched her laugh hysterically while playing on the swings at the local park, I knew we would be friends. Now we meet every Tuesday morning at 2 AM and swing together.  

When she finally told me why she went to the swings, I sobbed. I had always known her as Mrs. Adams the widow, but now I knew better. Now I knew she was Mrs. Adams the neighbor who had lost her husband and two children in a tragic accident. An accident too terrible she refused to tell me. I will forever be in debt to Mrs. Adams for bringing me out of my shell and showing me compassion and that we are never too old for swinging at the park. 


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