College Life

I was short on patience as I stared at Blake. He was on the edge of making one of the biggest decisions of his life, but instead of reading through the materials the college had sent him, he was opening a beer. This was the chance we had been waiting for and he was opening a beer. This was his best – and maybe only – chance to get out of town and away from everyone who had ever bullied him. Our parents were in and out of our lives for the last few years and I adopted Blake as soon as I turned eighteen. My parents quickly gave up their rights to Blake, and I hadn’t heard from them since. No phone calls, no money, nothing. 

And now Blake was on the edge of following directly in our father’s footsteps. No education, continually out of work, no work ethic and no prospects. I hadn’t worked this hard over the years for Blake to not have a future. 

“Blake, do you think -” I stopped as Blake turned on his heel and faced me. He took a long drink of his beer and stared at me. I wanted to cry as I was sure he wasn’t going to college. He would live a life of crime just like our father. 

“Jessica, I already accepted. I start summer school next week.” 

When Blake started laughing hysterically, I wasn’t sure what to believe. Was he headed to college or headed straight to jail? 


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