Distant Thunder

I knew there was a fight coming the moment I heard the distant roar.  I grabbed the bag out of my closet and headed toward my car.  I had known I needed to be ready for this very moment for months because of the subtle hints the neighbors had been dropping.  They were upset about what they thought of various inconsistencies they believed my landlord was doing just to spite them.  I knew my landlord fairly well after all these months and he was a cantankerous old man, but the rent was cheap which was exactly what I needed this point in my life.  I had wanted no part of the trouble brewing between Scott and our neighbors and had packed my bags weeks ago. 

Scott knew what he had been doing all along but hadn’t seemed worried about it.  Until now.  As I reached my car, I saw him running toward the barn.  Or for what was at least his version of a run.  I knew whatever he was heading for would be nothing I would want to be a part of. I gunned the engine before I even had my door shut and backed out of the gravel road as I heard the sirens coming. I slowed my car to a normal speed as I saw the cloud of dust following what must be the police cars. I didn’t need to get pulled over after all the work I had put in to even get to this point. When I turned on the radio to see if any of the local stations had picked up on the raid of Scott’s house, all I heard was hysterical laughter. Hysterical laughter that could only be coming from Scott himself. 


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