On the Run

Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash 

I knew the day was full of possibilities as soon as I woke up. The hazy mountains held so many secrets and I wanted to find out every single one. I looked over my shoulder at the tents closest to mine and decided I would be better off without any of the sleeping bodies they held. The sleeping bodies, that when awake, would ruin the day. Which was partly why I woke so early. If I could start the day by myself, planning what I would do for the rest of the day, I wouldn’t be distracted by whatever nonsense they would come up with. 

I slowly and quietly made a pot of hot tea, knowing that if I made coffee, everyone would be out of their tents before I could make my move. I needed to find what I was looking for before they did. I needed to find my peace before they found Michael. If Michael reappeared before I could quiet my inner rage, I knew I wouldn’t be able to help. Wouldn’t help him escape like I knew he needed to. He was on the run for good reason and I knew he needed to get away before Lawrence found him. If Lawrence found him first, there would be hell to pay. I knew Lawrence would change his heart and his mind if he knew the whole story, but I knew I wasn’t the one who could or would be able to tell him. Michael needed to. And for only reasons he understood. It wasn’t Michael’s fault Lawrence had lost all of his savings, but Lawrence needed someone to blame and Michael’s sudden disappearance had solidified his guilt in Lawrence’s eyes. Only because he didn’t want to admit that Michael was in love with his sister, Sophie. And that Sophie was currently on the run with Michael. 


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