The Ocean

I had never wanted to go to the ocean, but here I was. Sitting in the sun, staring at the waves, wondering what I was going to do next. Andrew was behind me, staring at the same ocean, but I knew he wasn’t thinking about the same thing I was. He was happy to be here and to be with me while I was neither happy to be here nor happy with him. This vacation was supposed to be for both of us, but I somehow planned a vacation I didn’t even want to go on. Andrew loved the beach while I hated it. Every beach I visited only brought back family memories I wanted to forget. 

He knew what had happened when I was younger, but somehow thought everyone should get over their most tragic moment. Even if it meant losing a loved one. Losing your best friend. Never being the same ever again. That’s what he claimed he did. But now that I knew the truth about what his tragedy was, I was able to force myself to be cheery so Andrew would think I was enjoying this vacation. I knew he thought I had gotten over my fear of the water and I knew I would never tell him the whole story. I had never told him when, why and how my sister had died just like no one would ever know about his death. I just needed to find the perfect moment. 

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