Backup Plan

“You have a backup plan, right?  Like where are we going next?  What’s the next step?”  Adam sat down on my front step and looked at me expectantly.  

“Hey you two!  Here’s lunch!”  I was saved from answering by George coming up behind me carrying the pizza I had promised the two of them.  I honestly didn’t have a backup plan for moving out but I guess I would have to come up with one.  And fast.  Or Adam might leave and never come back. 

“Of course I have a backup plan.  My professor has a truck we’ll be able to use.  If we can get everything packed tonight and waiting, I can get the truck in the morning.” 

I knew I had to tell Adam what my supposed backup plan was before he asked again.  He thought anyone who didn’t have three plans for everything was only asking for trouble.  I honestly think he spent all his time planning instead of living. He was a great and reliable friend, but not the best in spontaneous action. I could tell by the look on his face, he didn’t really believe I had everything planned out as he would have liked. 

But if he knew who and what I was really running from, he never would have helped. Because he never would have believed I was running from George. The very George who was helping us today. I knew he wasn’t safe and wouldn’t let me out of his sight if he could help it. Neither knew my final plan and outcome and that I was actually moving in with the professor who was lending us his truck. Because, at last, at nineteen years old, I finally knew who my father was. 


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