Court Appearance

“I always wondered what it would be like to have a court appearance.  And now I’ll get to see everything from the front row!” 

I stared at Tonya, my neighbor, and I knew everything I thought about her was real.  I knew she was an attention seeker.  I knew she was nosy.  But I had always thought she was kind.  Until today.  Tonya and I had been eyewitnesses to a murder and now we would testify in the trial.  But she seemed to be more excited to be in a courthouse than she was mortified that we witnessed a murder. 

As she prattled on, I began to sink into myself and started to wonder about what Tonya did in the safety of her home.  How could she be so excited about having to testify about a murder?  I would give anything not to be anywhere this courthouse and didn’t want to be giving evidence against a murderer.  Tonya was brimming with excitement about just sitting on one of the court benches. I was more nervous about whether she would find out the truth. The truth about who had ordered the murder. Because if she knew what I had done, she would want to be even better friends than we were at the moment. Which I could not handle one bit. 

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