Breaking Rules

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  I knew I shouldn’t be listening, but I couldn’t help myself.  If I stopped now, I knew the details would pass me by and I would never be able to recover.  What my teacher was saying about Amanda was shocking, but not unbelievable.  I knew she had a wild side she never allowed me to see, but rumors often seemed to have at least an ounce of truth.  At least when it came to my sister. 

She never wanted to play by the rules and because of this, she made up her own rules and her own plans.  The only rules she followed religiously were to make sure she turned in her assignments in on time. Amanda knew she had to follow deadlines or my parents would definitely be on her back about all the other rules she broke on a daily basis. Though I knew if they were really aware of everything she did, she would never be allowed out of the house. If they knew she never went to bible study and instead went to art museums, their minds would explode. If they knew the church group class she met with on Wednesdays was really a part-time job at a club, they would send her away to boarding school. 

Amanda did what she wanted, when she wanted and knew how to get away with everything. Hearing our history teacher talking about how Amanda had been acting out in class and not turning in assignments shocked me. I knew she wanted to leave town just as badly as I did, and I knew she would never jeopardize her freedom, but what our teacher said next explained everything. And I knew I could never let Amanda go home again. Because if she did, she would never leave alive. 


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