Information Highway

By the time I had known Jared for almost a year, I was finally starting to get suspicious. Suspicious that he would only meet me under the cover of darkness. I knew he was in the tech world, and he supposedly kept a secret and “ancient” network across several oceans running at all hours of the day and night, but why couldn’t he meet me during the day? The last time he ditched me for an early morning coffee date, I finally decided to follow him. I needed to know why he had so many secrets and why he kept them so close to his chest. 

When I finally realized the warehouse was where he hung his keys, I couldn’t say I was surprised. It was a crypt. A coffin. It was like a light went off and all the past flings and red flags made sense. The “ancient” network was a hoax, right? It wasn’t really thousands of years old, right? Was the network really the dynasty he made it out to be? When I finally got the nerve to search his warehouse apartment, it all made sense. The blood, the fangs, the darkness and the literal coffin Jared seemed to sleep in. He was a vampire and maybe related to Dracula. But even with finding out my friend was a vampire, I wasn’t scared. If Jared hadn’t hurt me yet, why would he hurt me in the future? Three days later, everything changed when I met Eliza. 


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