World Changing

The moment there was a shadow in my doorway, something was wrong.  No one ever visited the lab this late, even if they had forgotten something – the security was much too cumbersome to come back for something small and insignificant.  I knew the visitor was here about the experiment and the results I had just received.  I had known this moment would come, I was just hoping it would not come so soon.  My escape route was planned, I just needed to make sure my findings made it to the right hands.  The sample was as record breaking as it was scary.  As revolutionary as it was the end-all-be-all of modern science. 

I knew it was my duty to keep it away from the enemy state though it was a little unclear as to who the enemy was.  Was it Russia?  The Taliban?  Or my neighbor, Michael?  All I knew was their pockets were deep, their motive was murky, and I needed to escape with my life.  I knew my every movement had been under a microscope for some time, but I knew I only needed a little more time to salvage what was left of my future.  Because if I didn’t, the conspiracy would blow up in my face.  When the day finally came, I left my house at exactly 6:43 AM.  I knew the entire route was sure to be full of rush hour traffic because if I didn’t get to the lab by eight, everyone would know I had sold our secrets. 


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