Criminal Underworld

“I need to clear the air.  I am not the whistleblower, but I know this is what needs to be done.”  I talked to my reflection.  I was the newest reporter at the Sentinel and I knew I had the biggest deadline of the year sitting on my desk.  The list of officials who were running the criminal underground was extensive and it was probably good.  The list came from an anonymous source because I knew it could and would be a problem.  I wondered how quickly I could get the truth to the public and how quickly I could release the story.  

The audience would be the entire state of Florida and I knew they would be present at every briefing.  Would read every report.  I knew the risk I was taking was huge because every official would be called out on their transgressions.  I tried to make my script as perfect as possible so I wouldn’t stumble in front of the camera.  I felt a small twinge of guilt, but I knew I needed to release the list but I wondered how it would affect my future.  Would my journalism profile increase or be blown to bits?  I knew the risk would be worth the reward.  I just hoped I wasn’t putting everyone in the trafficking ring in more danger. 

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