The Pirates

“I always have a bag packed.  Just in case,” I said noticing Angela looking at the bag in the corner of my room. 

“Just in case of what?”  She asked skeptically.  I knew she was dying to look inside and see everything.  She was just nosy enough not to let it go. 

“The pirates.  They have been threatening my father for years.  They think he was the one who took the pearl,” I tried to keep my voice nonchalant, but I knew it wasn’t working.  “They keep telling him they are going to attack when we least expect it.  We’ve thought about moving, but all our money is tied up in the fish.” 

“THE pirates?  THE pearl?  You are joking!”  Angela shouted in disbelief.  “You know they plan to take whoever has the pearl and force them into service?  They will kidnap you and shackle you to their boat.  Torture you.  They – “ 

“Angela.  I know.” 

“But why haven’t you left?  Moved?  Disappeared?  Why are you still here?”  Angela jumped up and started pacing. 

“We are duty bound -” I started trying to act calm, but Angela obviously knew more than me.  Before I could say anything else, the shouting started.  Angela stared at me in terror. 

“Run,” was the last thing she ever said to me. 

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