Zines continued

We are having an event at the library today to make zines and I’m hoping lots of people will show up (cross your fingers!!). I’ve looked at zine making in the past, but only saw the folded paper way to make zines. I wasn’t thrilled about it because I sometimes am a bit of a perfectionist and want all the corners and edges to match up and with solely folding paper… they don’t always. The more reading and research I have done about zines, the more I have learned that doing everything one single way is not the right way! So I have gone a little crazy with making zines to make sure we have multiple examples to show at the program. And the benefit to this is I get to do all of my zine making at work! I love being able to plan programs around things I enjoy doing and a lot of that ‘doing’ involves crafting.

Wish me luck on the program today and hopefully we can get a few teens to stop by!

If you are interested in zines, here are a few books I’ve been reading (from the library of course):

Make a Zine – Joe Biel

Whatcha mean, What’s a Zine? The art of making zines and mini-comics – Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson

Also, check out the Denver Zine Library!

I’ve also started a board on Pinterest with all the zines I like and find!

Here’s one zine I made as an example for the program today!


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