The Mortician

“Mark, I know you are new, but this funeral is important.  It’s a secret.  We need to hide everything about this death.  We will do the embalming and send the body on the way with his family.”  Jack turned back to his computer like nothing odd was happening.  But by the way the undertaker’s eye was twitching, I could tell he was uncomfortable.  I knew he was hiding something, I just needed to find out what. 

I knew I had been dismissed so I said my farewells and headed to my closet office in the back of the funeral home.  I knew his business was not my business and wondered what mummy was hiding in his closet.  Or was it skeletons in the closet?  I passed by a few coffins and how soon they would be in a grave with a loved one.  But I couldn’t get off the fact this particular farewell held an ominous sign.  Most funerals and deaths I had come across in my short time as a mortician, nothing had ever been a secret. 

As the days dragged slowly by, I started to wonder about the personal tomb I found myself involved with.  I was on the verge of burning my own shroud and sneaking out of town.  Otherwise, I knew I would be pulled into working for the mob.  Just like Jack. 

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