Desert Kingdom

I knew working in a salt factory was never going to be my best plan.  But I was desperate and needed something to get myself out of the massive debt I was in.  On my third day, my carelessness got me into the biggest pickle of my life.  I missed one of the steps, twisted my ankle and tumbled into the waste pile.  I immediately knew I had fallen into my own personal purgatory.  Unbeknownst to me, the waste pile was a portal into a desert kingdom.  A kingdom who seriously employed a genie.  A genie and an assassin. 

When I opened my eyes, expecting to see my coworkers to be looking over the railing, trying to figure out how to get me out of the waste.  The only thing I saw when I opened my eyes was a camel.  A mirage.  A dream.  Because I couldn’t have really been transported through time?  Or a gateway?  Or whatever this was.  I slowly got to my feet and blinked several times to see if the ocean of sand would disappear.  Instead, a tribe of mystery men surrounded me.  The men watched as the large caravan behind them trudged slowly on.  I risked a glance as to where they were heading as the men motioned for me to follow. 

In the sea of light and sand stood a tent.  A giant tent.  The most impressive and magical tent I had ever seen.  I knew my fall from grace and brought me to a new life.  A new life in a desert kingdom where I would soon become queen. 


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