I was currently stuck in a cabin in the woods with no chance of escape.  I had originally been enthralled with the possibility of being alone and stranded, but now I wasn’t so sure.  I had thought the isolation would be soothing.  And it was for a while.  But now that I was completely and utterly alone, my paranoia increased.  As much as I thought I needed sunshine and fresh air, I could sense the danger that came with the sun going down. 

I wanted to throw my fight or flight response out the window and run like hell, but I already knew staying inside four walls would keep me safer than the dark woods outside.  I wasn’t sure who or what was outside, but I knew nothing good would come out of me trying to get any sort of help on foot.  Not only would I get lost, but my First Aid skills were lacking.  The only thing I knew how to do was to sit in the corner of the dark living room and hope my enemies hadn’t been able to latch onto my location.  I was a sitting duck hoping I could make it to my next birthday.  But that was only if Larry didn’t find me first.  

It really was the notebook he was after and I could only hope he didn’t think I still had it.  But I knew he did.  That was why I came to the woods in the first place.  I just needed to either stay hidden or somehow manage to convince him I no longer had the notebook.  He knew and I knew that we were the only ones who could interpret the code and the messages found within the notebook.  But we both also knew if anyone else could break the code, they would know what was hidden and where.  And if they found out, it could lead to a nuclear war.  Or worse. 


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