The Arrest

Makayla’s actions led to my arrest.  The deal she had made with the police was inevitable, but could possibly be reversed.  I was hoping my brother’s influence as a local judge would help rewrite my destiny.  I could not spend the rest of my life in jail for someone else’s behavior and bad choices.  My intention was to gauge the reactions of my fellow inmates to see what guard I could bribe to get the results I needed.  I needed to make a deal and I needed to get home quickly. 

The music couldn’t wait.  It wouldn’t wait.  If I didn’t get the record to the bar by tomorrow afternoon, the results would ruin my life.  My career.  My future.  I needed the money so I could get out of debt.  To get out from under the thumb of Makayla’s uncle.  If Makayla had not spilled the beans – accident or not – I would be at home putting the final touches on the last song before it dropped.  As it was now, I would die either way.  But if I got to the guard named Erin before Makayla’s uncle did, she would be blamed and not me.   

I needed to be able to reap the rewards of my history and my talents.  Makayla was scared she would be the one stuck in jail for an uncertain amount of time.  After all, she was the one who actually committed the crime.  She was the one who was the true murderer.  Makayla came to visit me in prison shortly after I had been arrested to apologize and to tell me she let me take the fall only due to the fact she was trying to keep me safe.  I stared at her without responding because in trying to keep me ‘safe’ she had doomed me.  She wanted me to forgive her, but I couldn’t.  But I knew how to get her back.  And payback would come in hard and strong. 

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