The Lottery

I stared at the numbers on the television above the bar and tried not to scream.  I knew the numbers by heart because they were the same numbers on the lottery ticket I had purchased earlier that day.  I had never bought a lottery ticket before this morning, but I was in a weird spot.  A tough spot and thought the ticket couldn’t and wouldn’t do any harm.  Throw in a few of my best numbers and get lucky I did.  The jackpot was more money I had ever seen in my life and I couldn’t even fathom what I was going to do with it.  I didn’t realize what being in the limelight would do to my newfound fame and fortune. 

Everything unraveled just as quickly as everything started going well for me.  Before I could get a handle on what I could do and where I would go with my winnings, the police arrived at my front door.  Arrived at my front door with a conspiracy theory about how the simple fact I won the lottery was a cover-up.  A scheme masterminded by me.  And no matter what I said or what proof I gave, I was accused of murder.  As soon as I found out what I was suspected of doing and who I had supposedly murdered, I knew the whole thing was an elaborate set-up.  A very calculated set-up that was spearheaded by my neighbor.  My neighbor the minister. 


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