The Detective

“With your good looks, I think we will be able to pull this off,” my boss said, looking me up and down.  I hated when he did this, but at least this time I understood. 

“Grace!”  He yelled.  I flinched at how suddenly and loudly he yelled, but I sighed.  Grace was the youngest member of our team and the current social media whiz kid.  I knew why Roy was going to do and where he was going.  I already felt like an imposter in my job as a detective and now with Grace’s help, I would look like a celebrity.  At least that was his plan.  Roy had sworn up and down I would never have to go undercover again.  But here we were. 

I once again needed to become an imposter to gain the trust of the ‘elite’ class.  I needed access to their fame and fortune in order to bring them down.  But I knew I had to completely reinvent myself to be the newcomer in town.  If I didn’t get past the bouncer to Little Elm, we wouldn’t have a chance.  And that could take months.  But it had to be done.  Little Elm was the key to getting Tina and her crew to trust me.  It was the only way to become an insider.  Tina’s followers could almost be considered to be white collar criminals because of their wealth and privilege, but I knew them for what they really were.  My family. 


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