The Contest

“Why does he always feel like everything is a contest?”  I whispered to my sister.  “Not everything needs to be about winning.” 

I had tried to not bring up all the faults I saw in my sister’s new boyfriend, but I couldn’t always help it.  She had only been seeing Scott for a few weeks, but it was amazing how everything immediately turned into a competition.  And he kept track of every single win and loss.  Celia had dated competitive men before, but Scott definitely took the cake. 

I think his main strategy was to target his opponent’s weakness and from there, his execution was flawless.  I had tried to find out what his motivation for competition was, but Celia wasn’t very forthcoming. 

“He just likes to win.  It’s just his way of showing that he cares and is involved. 

I almost jumped out of my shoes as I had forgotten I had even asked her anything.  Usually she just ignored me.  Especially when I asked questions about Scott. 

“It’s his dad’s fault.  All his fault.”  Those seven words were the last things she ever said before Scott stole her away.  Stole her away to where he knew I would go.  Stole her away to be sure I never saw her again. 

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