The Missing

“They are almost twenty minutes late.  Where could they be?  Do you think it’s possible they overslept?”  Manny checked his watch again like he hadn’t been checking it every thirty seconds.  Molly and the rest of her Model UN team were late for the required breakfast before the beginning of the competition. 

“Have you tried calling them?”  I asked, nonplussed.  I didn’t think the rest of the team was in danger, Molly never did anything off script.  I had never had any kind of rivalry until she had enrolled in school last semester.  I had been the captain of the debate team and had been heavily involved in Model UN until Molly.  I had convinced our coach to let me still represent the team, but by being manger instead of on the team.  I think he understood the politics and vendetta Molly seemed to have against me. 

“Can you go up to their room?  Aren’t they staying right across the hall from you?  I’ll keep an eye out down here.”  Manny started tapping his foot – a sure sign of his increased anxiety.  I sighed as I headed to the elevator to see where the rest of the team could be.  When I got to room 228, the door was propped open on the security guard lock. 

“Hey guys!  You’re late!”  I called pushing the door open.  But instead of finding everyone still asleep, the room was completely empty.  No classmates.  No luggage.  No nothing.  It was like all my dreams came true. 


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