Fine Dining & Catering

“Listen, I got the job!  I’m starting on Friday night as the newest team member of Fine Dining and Catering.  Maybe things are finally looking up for me.  New year, new me.” 

As I listened to my cousin tell me about her new job, I wasn’t sure if I should warn her about what I had heard about FD&C.  She was so naïve and so excited about her new possibilities, I knew she wouldn’t believe me anyway.  I just knew I would have to keep an eye on her and what was asked of her. 

“The uniform I have to wear is not the most flattering, but it will work for now.  I am going to start out with serving the food at the parties, but I’m hoping to work my way up to being a cook.”  I let Sarah ramble on about her new job and wondered how far she would go.  How many orders she would take before she realized what was happening behind the scenes. 

Sarah had always been naïve, but I thought it was obvious FD&C was just a cover-up for the mob.  What they really needed were the freezers to store the bodies they came across in their daily business dealings.  The crew was made up of professional hitmen, drug dealers, those whose would job was to intimidate.  I could go on about what I knew.  Or at least what I had heard.  But to tell her what I knew, meant she would find out I was involved. 


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