The Fortune Teller

“We are really going to interrogate a fortune teller?  Which one?  Who is she?”  I stared at my partner as she was practically jumping up and down with excitement. 

“What are you so excited about?  You have a thing for voodoo?  Spirits?  Think you want someone to predict your future?  Know your secrets?”  I grabbed my jacket off the back of my chair and my keys off my desk.  We could be in for a long night if Bonnie was so excited about interviewing a fortune teller.  Personally, I had no time for such antics. 

“I love the idea of magic.  Not sure if I really believe in burning sage and all that, but what I’m not entirely control of my destiny?  Have you ever had your tarot cards read?” 

As Bonnie and I headed out to the squad car, I wondered where this whole thing was going to lead.  We were supposed to be investigating the horde of fortune tellers who had shown up in Dallas at seemingly the same time.  I was suspicious the group was a part of a cult.  A cult involved in a crime ring of bilking people out of their money.  They were brainwashing their customers and whispering lies and conspiracy theories to everyone who came to them for ‘help’.  Their followers were wreaking havoc all over Dallas and the surrounding suburbs.  So not only did I have to figure out what the fortune tellers were up to, I had to make sure Bonnie was not involved. 

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