I knew what needed to be done when Barbarossa took control of our ship in the middle of the night.  We had done everything in our power to avoid the legendary pirate and his crew, but our precautions had not paid off.  Barbarossa was one of the most recognized and feared pirates because he and his crew didn’t attack in the same place twice.  They were on a schedule of their own and it was a schedule no one could ever guess.  I knew if the Mediterranean Sea would ever be safe to travel again, he would have to be taken care of.  And quickly. 

The night we were boarded by Barbarossa and his crew, the seas were choppy.  Choppy enough to lull us into a state of complacency.  That wave of complacency led to the untimely death and murder of many of my crewmates.  As we were forced into labor for our new ‘Captain’, a new play started to take place.  Barbarossa needed to be taken care of and fast.  When we were boarded, we were searched for weapons, but they somehow managed to miss the small dagger I had intertwined with my belt.  I had no loyalty to anyone on either ship and my plans were falling perfectly into place.  I had been the one to suggest where we anchored, knowing it would lure Barbarossa as it was an easy target.  And as soon as the deed was done, I would get off this God forsaken ship ad onto dry land.  I was here for one thing and one thing only – to make sure Barbarossa never boarded another ship. 

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