“I always knew he was only in it for the power. He was the king of invaders. The leader of fear. The uniter of tribes. A warrior with a spirit of no other.” As I started furthering my research into Genghis Khan and his life in the Mongol Empire, I knew I needed to expand my knowledge just as he expanded his empire. His horde and treasure was so impressive, but there was a single name that kept popping up in all my research. No one was sure of the name or the year, but only that this woman managed to work her way into Khan’s inner circle. Not to be a wife or a concubine, but as a spy so she could take his secrets home to the empire he had not yet conquered. 

Khan later would express his doubts that the woman was real. That she was using her own form of magic to take him under her spell. Her lies drew him closer and farther into her web and when his poison failed to work, he tried burning her home to the ground, but was again unsuccessful. At this point, he had no choice but to treat her as a spy, but couldn’t seem to shake the power she held over him. He seemed to know she was lying. That she was after his secrets. After his gold. After his horses. The more I researched and the more I read, I started to understand. She was a soman. She was strong. Powerful. Committed. A spy, yes. But devoted to her cause and never remembered because she was simply that. Woman. 

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