The Photographer

I recognized Henry Blakenship as soon as I saw him. He was the face behind the camera that had documented my biggest fails. The secrets he revealed to the world resulted in my downfall and the decimation of my reputation. Henry had no regard for privacy and would now be basking in the glory of the reversal of fame. He would soon know what it would be like surrounded by a mob and followed by a shadow. A shadow that would mirror his every move with only the incentive of going from rags back into the good graces of riches. The blackmail I endured from Henry’s own hand and mouth led me to quit acting altogether. 

Now Henry was going to learn what karma could do. There were no ‘accidents’ and with my luck, the mirror would reveal the truth. The truth about Henry and his past life. He would remember the years of hell he had put me through because of the guise of a camera lens. Henry’s only incentive had been fame and fortune, never realizing the pitfalls of being a celebrity. I had lost everything in his quest to be a famous photographer. I would enact my revenge at his next gallery show and the whole show would blow up in his face. Literally. 


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