The Warehouse

“I always knew there was something funny about this place,” Amanda whispered into my ear. We were lying in the field, staring at what was supposed to be an abandoned warehouse. 

“It has to be some kind of jail, right? Do they run experiments in jail? Maybe it’s some kind of secret operation?” I was having a hard time believing Amanda’s story of blood and guts and was hoping something would happen to change my mind. Amanda was convinced there were axe murderers living in the ‘warehouse’. The warehouse that was really an asylum. 

The asylum was run by a scientist who put on the illusion he was actually a great and humble scientist when in reality, he was searching for everlasting power. At least, that was the story Amanda believed and that’s why we were here. To find proof. Amanda would go through hell and fire to prove her theory was true. The longer the waited, the more skeptical I became. 

As the moon began to set, all hell broke loose. The realm of what I thought was reality was over as soon as the men came running out every door, screaming like demons. The force of their screams made my blood run cold. 

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