The Bogeyman

My greatest nightmare was coming to life just like I had dreamed. Just like the bogeyman had planned. My closet was his passage to access the real world though I knew he was only here for me. Everyone told me it was impossible. But I knew I had accidentally invited him in. Accidentally opened the door to my life. The underworld was no longer his domain and he wouldn’t leave until I gave him everything I loved most in my life. 

Starting with my parents and with my little sister. I knew it was all my fault – the bogeyman had been awakened from his deep slumber. I tried to talk to him out of taking my family, but he ultimately refused as I had not called him by his proper name. Danny. Danny had come to me just before I was planning to leave for college. Now I knew I couldn’t leave because as soon as I did, Danny would take Taylor for his own. And being only seven, I knew she was too young to be under his curse.  

What I didn’t know was Danna was my past, my present and my future. He could never leave me nor I him. 

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