The Orphans

As I stared at the once magnificent building, I wondered about the children who had grown up there. Did they survive? Were they traumatized? Were they leading productive lives? Teachers, doctors and lawyers? Growing up, I had heard the stories about the children who were abandoned on the doorstep of the orphanage. But that’s what I always thought they were. Stories. No parents would actually leave their children here. Especially not on purpose. I felt like I needed to do a deep dive into the history of Seabrooke Orphanage to see if there might be any proof to any of the stories I had heard. 

Mainly were the children here recruited? Were they programmed and brainwashed? Was there really a possibility the orphans were once trained to be hardened criminals? I wanted to believe the defenseless children living in the orphanage hadn’t been training to form an army, but with the occurrences that had been popping up recently, many citizens in town were starting to have suspicions. I was beginning to wonder of the orphans were out for revenge. Revenge against the parents and town that cast them aside when they were children. Their weapons were their intimate knowledge of the town and the secrets hidden in dark corners. I knew I had to uncover the truth before the mayor covered it up. 


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